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Allen Health Academy equips and empowers employers and working Americans
to dramatically lower their health care costs.
100 Million Americans Are Burdened By Medical Debt. 1 in 8 Americans owe $10,000 or more in medical debt. About 40% said they could not pay off a $500 bill or would have to pay it over time. Approximately 20% believe that they won't be able to pay off their medical debt. The Never Pay Pathway. Consumer Empowerment Curriculum. Equipping consumers to take control and save real money with each health care interaction.
100 Million Americans
Are Burdened By Medical Debt*
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About 40 percent_Stat.png
Approx 20 percent_Stat.png
*Kaiser Health News
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Consumer Empowerment Curriculum
Equipping consumers and their loved ones to take control and save real money
with each health care interaction.   
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Why Invest in this Curriculum
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Equip + Empower

The how-to tips empower you and your loved ones to push back against the overpriced health care system — saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, without compromising care.

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Lowers Cost

Learn to contest inaccurate and overpriced medical bills, win insurance company appeals, avoid unnecessary treatment and much more.

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Protect Yourself
Help reverse the trend of unreasonable health care costs and protect you and your loved ones from medical debt. 
AHA Founder & Instructor
Marshall Allen is author of Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win, and founder of Allen Health Academy.

His guidance is saving working Americans hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars – per health care encounter.

For more information, go to
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Dr Marty Makary_headshot_image.png
Dr. Marty Makary,
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg
School of Public Health,
NY Times best-selling author

“The Never Pay Pathway videos

are a road map on how

everyone can get a better deal
on health care.”

Jody Burman_headshot_image.png
Jody Burman saved
on an
air-ambulance bill

“My air ambulance bill
just got reduced from
$76,000 to $10,500
after they received my strongly written letter... Thanks Marshall.”

Leslie Donovan photo_AHA.png
Leslie Donovan saved
by suing in
small claims court

“Marshall Allen has put in
the hard work to bring
a wealth of information about
how to stop the health care system
from cheating you.”

Pamela Goetz_headshot_image.png
Pamela Goetz saved
for her dad

“I appealed with Humana and
obtained reimbursement of $6,000
for in-facility care for my father
following a fall and partial hip
replacement surgery...Thank you.”

  • Why has Allen Health Academy (aka AHA) created this?
    Americans repeatedly call the high cost of health care their number one financial concern. The Never Pay Pathway shows how to get a fair deal on health care – by avoiding unreasonable prices, unnecessary treatment, and how to fight back, if necessary. We want to roll this knowledge out to every working American and employer-sponsored health plan, so consumers and employers can work together to overcome unbearable health care costs. If you’re an employer or a health benefits broker/advisor and this sounds good to you, reach out to us at
  • What topics do the videos cover?
    The Never Pay Pathway includes 16 videos, averaging about 5 minutes in length. The videos show: Why the high cost of health care for working Americans is unjustified – and what we can do about it. How to analyze medical bills for errors and unfair prices. How to look up reasonable prices for medical care and compare them to what you’ve been charged. How to contest inaccurate and overpriced medical bills - including how to protect yourself in small claims court, if necessary. How paying cash can be a less expensive route than using your health insurance. How to find the best prices for medical care and prescription drugs. How to avoid unnecessary tests and treatment. How to apply for financial assistance at hospitals. How to negotiate with medical debt collectors. How to win appeals with insurance companies when they deny you the care you need.
  • Do these methods actually save people money?
    Oh yeah! These principles and tactics are saving consumers hundreds, thousands – even tens of thousands of dollars on health care interactions. They are based on Marshall’s book, “Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win.” Read the Amazon reviews to see consumer Victory Stories. For more Victory Stories, check out Marshall’s free newsletter. See how a mom in California beat back an overpriced hospital bill, how a young mom with cancer won an insurance company appeal, and how many others are using these methods to save big money on health care.
  • Do you really think patients can stand up to the health care giants?
    Absolutely! Marshall, AHA’s founder, is an investigative journalist who has interviewed hundreds of patients from different backgrounds. He knows they are smart and motivated. But most have never been shown how to avoid the financial perils of our backwards health care system and stand up for themselves. The Never Pay Pathway empowers consumers with a road map.
  • Can I share my Victory Story?
    Definitely! Please tell us how you saved money on health care! These stories are inspiring and informative, and we want to share as many of them as possible.
  • What’s next?
    The Never Pay Pathway smartphone app and online coaching programs are in development. More health literacy videos will also be added to the curriculum. Do you have a topic you want us to cover? Please let us know.
  • I purchased the video curriculum, but haven't received my login information. What should I do?
    Please check your junk mail or spam folder. Sometimes the initial emails containing a welcome message and your login credentials get caught up in spam filters. Still can't find it? Our apologies! Please reach out to us at
  • I'd like to purchase this for my organization, company, or group. How do I do that?
    Each subscription is linked to a single user and provides unlimited access to The Never Pay Pathway videos for one year. Anyone who needs up to 99 subscriptions (for 99 users) is able to purchase through the website. If someone needs 100 or more, there's a button that's directed to a form asking a few questions to help guide our next conversation. In any event that someone needs more than one subscription, our team will be notified through our platform. Next Steps: Our team connects with you to set up your users We'll ask for the names and email addresses of your intended users to be input in a CSV file (see the attached CSV file template) Our team uploads the email addresses and provides each individual with their login credentials via email Hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any other questions! Connect with our customer support team at We look forward to assisting you.
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The Never Pay Pathway video curriculum is not for sale to any hospital, insurance company, or other organization that is reimbursed for health care or pharmacy services by government health plans. If you have questions, email

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